Everything is Illuminated at Sainte Marie as we earn 3 beans in the Times-Picayune

What a fantastic review of Sainte Marie by Brett Anderson at Times-Picayune. Thank you to Mr. Anderson for such glowing praise of our efforts of late. We couldn’t do it without our fearless leader Robert LeBlanc and the lady who makes the magic, Chef Kristen Essig. “…by inserting a chef as mature as Essig into its business plan, LeBlanc’s…bistro has settled atop the plateau… In doing so, the restaurant is setting a new standard for dining downtown.”

Gambit also featured us a few days ago, describing our lovely space and our innovative yet accessible beverage and food menus. Gambit lauds Sainte Marie, and particularly Chef Kristen, for our use of sustainable, local product and our commitment to offering exciting cuisine while maintaining our position as a comfortable neighborhood spot.

Read the original Times-Picayune article here. Read the original Gambit piece here.sainte-lights